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 MPCC 2024 Goal:

    200 Boxes

It's Shoebox Season!

By partnering with Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child, we can bless millions of children around the world with a gift-filled shoebox.


Please join us MPCC church during Missions Week 2024 in the following activities to get this years 200 boxes ready to send.


Wed. Oct. 23rd (Missions Week) During ROOTS all parents are welcome to join the students to hear more about OCC and go to the gym and take part in a variety of activities.




Taking the Gospel to the 
Ends of the Earth


Operation Christmas Child is taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth to share God's love with children in need.

We partner with local churches and volunteers in more that 170 countries, and train and equip them to proclaim the Good News using gift-filled shoeboxes, often in locations that are hostile to the Gospel, in regions where whole people groups are yet unreached, and on hundreds of remote Pacific islands. Some of our newest initiatives include translating Gospel materials into minor languages, using audio translations where there is no written language, and providing Braille resources for blind and visually impaired children.

"We go to great lengths, great effort to take these boxes to children in the remote parts of the world."

                               - Franklin Graham



$10 Donation

Why $10? - A donation of $10 per shoebox gift is critical for Operation Christmas Child. It provides for:

Collection - After shoebox gifts are dropped off at nearly 5,000 locations around the United States each year in November, trucks transport the precious cargo to eight different processing centers.

Processing - Eight processing center warehouses around the country are secured so that thousands of volunteers can inspect the shoebox gifts and prepare them for international shipment.

Shipping to Over 100 Countries - Ships, trucks, and airplanes transport millions of shoeboxes to the countries where they will be distributed. Once there, local churches use many modes of transportation to get them to children in need as a tangible expression of God's love.

Gospel Materials - Your $10 donation to Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan's Purse, helps us train and equip local churches to use our Ministry Partner Guide. This resource shows churches how to share the Good News of the Lord Jesus Christ in a child-friendly way.

Your donation also provides The Greatest Gift Gospel Booklets, which are written in the children's language and distributed along with shoebox gifts.


The Greatest Journey is a 12-lesson discipleship course designed for Operation Christmas Child shoebox recipients. Children who participate in the program learn how to follow Christ and share Him with others. As they do, entire families and communities are transformed by the power of the Gospel, and churches are started.


Every $6 gift provides one more child with an opportunity to learn about God’s love for them as they study the Bible and are taught by a trained local teacher. Upon completion of the course, they receive a graduation certificate and a New Testament in their own language. 

The Greatest Journey


We hope that our 2023 Special Report is a blessing to you and your church family, and I also encourage you to visit our SPTV Operation Christmas Child channel that includes a number of videos you can share as you feel led.


Thank you for helping us bring joy and the love of Jesus to children around the world. 

2023 Special Report


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