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Do you have the ability to offer assistance to those who may need it? We're looking for volunteers to help run errands for our seniors or those at risk who are staying home due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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Are you a senior or someone in need of assistance during the COVID-19 outbreak? We're here to ehlp! Here's how it works:

1. Use the link below to submit a request. 

2. Once you submit, sit back and relax while we find a volunteer to help you. 

3. We'll connect you with a volunteer that's able to meet the need you've indictaed. 


Worship Reopening Plan

Friday, June 5, 2020


WORSHIP SERVICE REOPENING PLAN We are so excited to be gathering again for our worship services starting June 14th! As we consider opening in a safe manner to best protect ourselves from the potential spreading of the COVID-19 virus, the Minnesota Department of Health has asked us to internally develop a prevention plan that will guide our worship services and other activities. In this plan are details like keeping staff and volunteer leaders safe, cleaning protocols, and other items of consideration. The leadership at MPCC is continuing to finalize this plan and it will be made available soon for anyone interested. We have had a lot to discuss, but want to give you five main points to consider as we gather again.


1) We will only be gathering for our 10:15 Worship Service only. We know that you are excited for things to be normal. So are we! But expect things to feel a little different for a while. Connections hour will continue to be made available online and viewable anytime. There will also be no children’s ministries available such as nursery, children’s church, or K4J for the time being. We are working to provide some alternative options specific to the children.


2) We are currently restricted to seat 50% of the fire code occupancy of the spaces in use. This means we are currently able to seat 190 in our pews and foyer. We will also have an overflow area in the fellowship hall with a livestream of the service should we exceed limits. This is to allow a 6 foot gap between family units. We will have ushers available to seat you and we ask that you do not gather in areas like the foyer and atrium as they are also our main walkways.

** Please note the bulletin & recordings were produced before numbers were updated, which is why you may note a difference in numbers. 


3) Our online options will continue to be available. We know there are many of you who may not feel safe gathering at this moment. There are also others who are more prone to severe illness. We would encourage you to continue to worship from home. Our services will be livestreamed from our sanctuary each Sunday and also made available shortly after the service as a recording should there be a technical difficulty. Our goal is to keep everyone connected, regardless of their decision.


4) Consider your own health before you choose to visit. We ask that you screen your health before you attend the services. We will send out regular reminders to consider various symptoms that would accompany COVID-19. Also consider if you have been in contact with someone else who has exhibited symptoms or has been confirmed positive for the virus. Use your best judgement and consider the good of others before you visit.


5) We encourage no hugging/handshakes and the use of face masks, especially while singing. This will be the most difficult for the majority of us. We understand and agree that it is not going to feel like the wonderful fellowship we all know and love. Though it may seem contrary to you, we believe this is the most effective way to show love and respect for each other during the worship service. Studies continue to show that the virus spreads most rapidly through physical contact and droplet transfers from the mouth or nose. Singing has shown to increase the range in which these droplets may be transferred. Many churches have elected not to sing congregationally at this time, but we feel strongly that this is an important component of our gatherings. We know some of you may feel comfortable with normal, but we do ask that you consider those who are more concerned. Let’s work together to make our gathering as safe and inviting as possible!


Please keep in mind that all of these protocols and practices are temporary and under review on a weekly basis. Situations will continue to change as new orders and suggestions are given. We will communicate all changes and updates as soon as they are made. We can generally expect things to become less restrictive as we consider the path of other states around the country. Thank you for your continued patience, support, and encouragement during this time.


Dominic Broda

Lead Pastor 


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